Find, modify, and clean up your data in Excel

For Microsoft Excel 2013 (32 and 64-bit), 2010 (32 and 64-bit), 2007, 2003

Add-ins for simultaneous search in values, formulas and comments in all open workbooks. Delete excess spaces and non-printing characters; find and correct misprints and typos; replace unwanted data.
Find and replace values in all opened workbooks and worksheets.

Advanced Find & Replace for Excel

Search and replace in all opened Excel workbooks and worksheets. Simultaneous search in values, formulas, hyperlinks and comments.

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Remove excess spaces, change text case, and reformat numbers in Excel.

Cell Cleaner for Excel

This nifty add-in for Excel 2016-2007 will help you remove leading and trailing spaces, excess spaces between words, unbreakable spaces and non-printing characters; convert words to a proper case and change numbers formatted as text to numbers..

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Trim leading and trailing spaces from Excel cells.

Trim Spaces for Microsoft Excel

Trim Spaces for Excel add-in can quickly remove excess leading and trailing spaces in selected cells, columns, rows or the entire table.

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Find partial duplicates, typos, misspelled words and omitted symbols in Excel.

Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Excel

With this handy tool you can find and correct all sorts of fuzzy duplicates, typos, misspelled words and similar records in Excel workbooks.

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