Duplicate Email Remover for Outlook

Find and delete duplicate emails in Outlook automatically. The found duplicated messages can be eliminated, marked, copied or moved to any folder you choose.

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Duplicates Remover for Outlook

Search and remove duplicates in contacts, tasks, notes, journal and calendar items (but not emails) in Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server folders.

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Auto BCC/CC for Outlook

Create simple rules to automatically add BCC or CC recipients to your outgoing messages. Define conditions and exceptions to your rules if you need to send copies of particular emails.

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MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook

Speed up your correspondence with a set of 18 addins for Outlook. Schedule sending email, import/export vCard (vcf) files, autofill To, CC, BCC fields, and much more…

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Ultimate Suite for Excel

60+ Excel add-ins in one pack: easily merge and split tables, remove duplicates, find and modify data in your worksheets, and automate many other daily tasks in Excel.

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Duplicate Remover for Excel

Find and remove duplicates or unique records from Excel worksheets. Follow 5 simple steps to compare any columns in two tables, or dedupe one list in a click.

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Merge Tables Wizard for Excel

Quickly look up and copy matching data from one Excel table to another. You can use one or several columns as matching criteria, update the selected columns, and add the missing data.

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Merge Cells Wizard for Excel

Merge data in the selected rows, columns, or cells using any separator you like. Be sure all data are preserved if the selection contains multiple values.

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What's new


New plug-in: Outgoing Email Checker for Microsoft Outlook

Outgoing Email Checker for Outlook scans your emails when you hit the Send button based on conditions you specify in the rules. You can create a rule using a template or start from scratch. With this tool you'll avoid most common emailing mistakes. Read more 


New add-in: Combine Rows Wizard

Merge data from duplicate rows into one based on the selected key columns in Excel 2013-2003. Combine all entries or join unique data only, skipping duplications and empty cells. Choose a different delimiter for each column you want to merge. Read more 


New add-ins collection: Ultimate Suite for Microsoft Excel

20+ Excel add-ins in one pack: easily merge and split data, remove duplicates, find, process and modify your worksheets in no time. Read more 


New add-in: Consolidate Worksheets Wizard

With this add-in you can easily combine multiple worksheets into one, or merge several workbooks and csv files without opening them. Create summary reports, copy multiple worksheets to one large table, combine sheets by name and more. Read more 


How to verify and update all Outlook contacts at once

Today I would like to bring to your attention 4 Outlook plug-ins that will help you always keep your Outlook contacts up to date, easily add new contacts to the Contacts lists and journal all your contacts with a mouse click. Read more