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A large variety of time-saving plug-ins. Microsoft Excel add-ins to remove duplicates, merge matching tables and cells, Outlook plug-ins to automatically BCC and more.

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Advanced Find & Replace for Microsoft Excel

Search and replace in all opened Excel workbooks and worksheets. Simultaneous search in values, formulas, hyperlinks and comments.
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Cell Cleaner for Microsoft Excel

This nifty add-in for Excel 2016-2007 will help you remove leading and trailing spaces, excess spaces between words, unbreakable spaces and non-printing characters; convert words to a proper case and change numbers formatted as text to numbers..
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Combine Rows Wizard

Merge data from duplicate rows into one based on the selected key columns in Excel 2016-2007. Combine all entries or join unique data only, skipping duplications and empty cells. Choose a different delimiter for each column you want to merge..
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Consolidate Worksheets Wizard

With Consolidate Worksheets Wizard you can easily combine multiple worksheets into one or merge several workbooks and csv files without opening them, create summary reports, copy multiple worksheets to one large table, consolidate worksheets by name and more..
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Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel

Handy plugin to find and remove duplicates in Excel spreadsheets. The Duplicate Remover add-in searches within 1 list or compares 2 Excel tables with different number of columns equally well. After duplicates or uniques are found, you can select, delete and color them, copy or move found entries to another location..
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Workbook Manager for Microsoft Excel

Navigate in Excel easily with his handy add-in. Close, delete, move and rename workbooks, worksheets, names with a click..
More about Workbook Manager for Excel

Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Microsoft Excel

With this handy tool you can find and correct all sorts of fuzzy duplicates, typos, misspelled words and similar records in Excel workbooks.
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Merge Cells Wizard for Microsoft Excel

With this add-in you can easily merge Microsoft Excel cells values, columns and rows. You can place data from several cells into one cell or combine several cells keeping all their values..
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Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel

This add-in can swiftly merge matching data from two Microsoft Excel tables with any number of columns and rows..
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Random Generator for Microsoft Excel

Fill in an Excel range with unique random numbers, integers, real numbers, dates, strings or Boolean in just one click. Generate all sorts of passwords and fill selected cells with random values from Excel custom lists..
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Random Sorter for Microsoft Excel

With Random Sorter for Excel you can shuffle entire rows, columns or individual cells in a selected range in Excel 2016-2007. You can instantly get a random selection of your data by specifying the needed percentage or exact number of entries..
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Split Names for Microsoft Excel

Split a column of names into individual cells in no time. The add-in works for Excel 2016-2007 and perfectly recognizes first names, middle names, last names, and over 100 salutations, name suffixes and post-nominal letters..
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Trim Spaces for Microsoft Excel

Trim Spaces for Excel add-in can quickly remove excess leading and trailing spaces in selected cells, columns, rows or the entire table.
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Ultimate Suite for Microsoft Excel

20+ Excel add-ins in one pack: easily merge and split data, remove duplicates, find, process and modify your worksheets in no time..
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Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook

The Auto BCC for Outlook automatically sends BCC or CC copies of your email messages, based on simple rules created by you.
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Outgoing Email Checker for Microsoft Outlook

Outgoing Email Checker for Outlook checks your emails when you hit the Send button based on conditions you specify in the rules. You can create a rule using a template or start from scratch. With this tool you'll avoid most common emailing mistakes..
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Template Phrases for Microsoft Outlook

Insert commonly-typed phrases or text templates into Outlook e-mail messages with a mouse click. See all your Outlook template phrases at a glance.
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