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How to get rid of duplicate e-mail messages in Outlook 2007 – 2000

Today we'll dig deeper into the problem of saving the user from Outlook duplicates, this time we'll focus on deleting duplicate Outlook e-mails. In my opinion, it would be more logical to create one add-in that works with all duplicates in Microsoft Outlook: in contacts, e-mails, appointments, personal and public folders. Continue reading


Top 5 plug-in to delete duplicate contacts in Outlook

And if you are seriously musing on improving the quality of your communication, there is one small niche in which something is already done for you. It may interest those for whom Microsoft Outlook has become an indispensable assistant at work or at home. Continue reading


How to compare and find differences in Excel worksheets?

In our today's review we will have a close look at the problem of comparing Excel sheets and will try to find the best plug-ins purposed for comparing MS Excel workbooks and differences between them. Continue reading


How to find what you need in Excel: cell values, formulas, hyperlinks?

Today's review is devoted to the add-ins designed for the automation of search and replace operations in Excel. Every time you say to yourself, "I must do this work!" what do you see in perspective? Do you see piles of information that needs to be arranged, dozens of documents requiring editing, or do you see ways? The ways of reaching your aim... Continue reading


5 Outlook plug-ins to send automatic CC /BCC copies in Outlook 2007, 2003 – 2000

In this review I'll dig into the problem that is very typical for companies and firms. Say, you want to be in the know of the e-mail correspondence of your employees with clients. Or, you work in a support team that has a shared Outlook e-mail account... Continue reading


What is the best alternative to Excel Lookup, or how to merge Excel tables?

Today I will dwell on the problem that was probably considered too inessential by Microsoft Excel developers or was left unnoticed. The problem is: merging Excel tables. If you try to use the build-in Excel function, you always get the same result: The selection contains multiple data values. How to cope with this? Continue reading


Top 4 add-ins to consolidate data in Excel spreadsheets

If you have lots of Excel worksheets with different types of data that need to be merged into one, take a few minutes to read this review and find an Excel plug-in for consolidating data that best meets your purposes. Continue reading


How to find and delete duplicate data in Excel

Do you have too many duplicates in your Excel worksheets to remove manually? Find out plug-ins for Excel that can cope with this: find and delete duplicate or unique entries from a list or two different lists, remove all but first occurrences, color code duplicated records and more. You will be surprised to learn how many good tools for eliminating duplicates exist. Continue reading

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