Limit a maximum number of outgoing messages per hour

Batched Mail for Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013-2003

Nowadays more and more mail servers impose limitations on the number of outgoing messages sent during a certain period of time. It is done in order to prevent undesirable mass mail distributions. But like any other security measures, this restriction brings inconvenience to those users, who send a bulk of mail daily.

The use of the Batched Mail add-ins allows you to plan the mail sending process.

The plugin sends a specific amount of mail during an hour or with a given time interval between sending two messages that go one after another. This will protect you from receiving errors when sending a lot of messages and also save your time - you won't have to go back to your computer in order to click the "Send" button time and again.

You can easily manage the work of the Batched Mail add-in by creating different rules with specific settings for different senders and recipients.

Batched Mail: limit a maximum number of outgoing messages per hour.

With Batched Mail plugin you can

  • Effectively plan mail distribution taking into consideration the limitations of your mail server.
  • Save your time due to the automation of the mailing process.
  • Stop wasting your time struggling with the limit of allowed outgoing emails during one hour.


You can get this plug-in as a part of the MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook - 18 plugins in one: e-mail scheduler, v-card converter, reminder, autofill, etc.

How to work with Batched Mail

Please make sure the Batched Mail is enabled.

After you install the MAPILab Toolbox, go to "Tools" → "MAPILab Toolbox" → "Options" and make sure the checkbox of the plugin is checked.

Now in the settings of Batched Mail (menu "Tools" → "MAPILab Toolbox" → "Batched Mail"), select the necessary parameters, that is: "Send no more that 60 messages per hour".

Also check the following options

  • Send the messages with the "High Importance" flag first - important messages will be sent before all others.
  • Reset the High Importance flag to normal after sending - the recipients will not have the messages marked with the "High importance" flag (we are using this flag for the Batched Mail add-in to recognize what messages must be sent first of all).
  • This rule is active - check this option to activate the rule with the specific settings.

Now the created rule will manage the sending process, and will send out no more than 60 messages per hour. All messages in the sending queue will be listed in the "Queue" tab in the add-in's settings.

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