Copy identical data from lookup Excel table to the main one

Merge Tables Wizard for Excel 2016, 2013-2007


You need to compare two Excel spreadsheets, find the updates or new records and pull them to your main table for further analysis. The problem is it's too time-consuming. Plus checking, copying and pasting manually don't give you quick results or guarantee that none of the important data are overlooked.


Merge Tables add-in for Excel will automatically compare 2 sheets you select as master and lookup, find matching rows and update your main table. It will take you just five steps and less than a minute. In addition, you can select any number of key columns for comparing the data, choose those you want to update, highlight or filter the modified entries, and append new columns missing in the main worksheet.

Merge matching data from lookup Excel table to main one.

Merge Tables Wizard for Excel key features

Combine data from two tables in 5 easy steps.
  • Automatically find and combine data from 2 Excel spreadsheets.
  • Use multiple columns as matching criteria.
  • Combine tables from different workbooks.
  • Add new columns to the original spreadsheet or update existing columns.
  • Add updates after the last row in your original table.
  • Color updated entries.
  • Ignore extra spaces in matching columns.
  • Update only those cells in your original table, which have no data.
  • Update your original table only if there are values in the respective lookup table cells.
  • Add a column with the status in the updated original table, which would show whether the row was updated or not.


You can get this add-in as a part of Ultimate Suite for Excel - 40+ tools destined to cut your time and clicks on the most frequent spreadsheet tasks.

How Merge Tables Wizard works

Combine data from two tables in 5 easy steps.
Select lookup columns, i.e. the columns that will be compared and matched.
Merge tables: Add columns or update data in your main table.
Choose additional merging options.
A few seconds and data from 2 Excel files are merged perfectly!

Merge Tables add-in is a handy alternative to Excel Vlookup/Lookup functions, which automatically locates matching rows in one table and adds them to the other. All you need is to select your worksheets and pick the columns to compare. Choose if you want to update the columns or add them to your original table.

There are also some additional options that you may find useful. For matching rows this tool will set the background color of updated cells, update only empty cells in your main table or update only if cells from the lookup table contain data.

You can choose to Add non-matching rows to your original table. Besides, you can tweak the following options to quickly see the updates: Clear background color in the updated columns, and specify a color for the cells that were updated.

Find and merge data from 2 Excel spreadsheets in 5 steps

This 5-step merging Wizard allows you to forget about manual checking of two Excel tables for matching data. You just select the master table - the one that you want to update. Then you choose the Lookup table where the add-in will look for the new data. After that you pick matching columns or those with common index fields in both spreadsheets. And choose the columns to be updated or added to the main table. Last but not least, you select some handy additional options to be applied.

Use one or several columns as matching criteria

You can choose to compare one or more columns in your spreadsheets and the plug-in will use them as the matching criteria. All matching rows will be exported from the lookup to the master table and neatly merged with the current data.

Update data or add new columns

When you are merging your Excel tables, you can choose to update data in matching columns or copy non-matching column(s) to the master sheet.

The add-in will flawlessly do its job in either case. The plug-in matches table A and table B data. If a match is found, it will overwrite any outdated info. At the same time if there is a non-matching column, Merge Tables Wizard will add it to the other table.

Add updates to the end of the table

For a better view of the merge results, feel free to tweak the tool to shift all found updates to the end of your original table. So you will easily see all newly added rows.

Additional options for matching rows

For the matching rows you can select to set background color of the updated cells and then the add-in will highlight the corresponding entries with the color you choose.

At the same time it is possible to renew only those cells that were initially empty in the original worksheet, which can be especially handy if you want to keep the original data and just fill the gaps.

Last but not least you can choose to copy only those cells from the lookup worksheet that have data. This will prevent copying empty cells from your second table.

Marks for merged data: Updated, Non-updated, or New row

You can add a column with the status to the updated original table. It will help identify updated, new, or non-updated rows.

Thus you will have a chance to check the updates as well as see the rows that were added. Benefit from this option if you want to have this information at hand even after sorting the rows or changing the layout of your worksheet.

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Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel system requirements

Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007

Operating System

  • Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows XP (32-bit)
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012
  • .NET Framework 4.0 must be installed.

Merge Tables Wizard for Excel version

Current add-in version: 4.0.32
published on: Feb 02, 2016

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